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Leverage your bank data, and let us take the guess work out of how much car you can afford. As a result, our lenders offer the best APRs regardless of credit.
*no cost to you, and no credit check required*

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How Buyable works.


Link a bank account.

Our members can leverage their bank data quickly and securely during the Buyable account creation.


Unlock the best cars available

Buyable can look beyond just a credit score and consider responsible spending and saving behavior - we then tailor your car shopping experience to your budget.


Financing on your terms

With bank data, the best possible APR can be extended, even to those who would otherwise be declined on a credit score alone.

Why everyone's talking about us.

How much car can you afford? Find out, then see vehicles that match your budget.


Buyable is a first of its kind experience.

Shop knowing all the cars are curated to your budget, and if financed you'll receive an unbeatable APR.

  • No credit check
  • Unbeatable Buyable approved rates (goodbye high interest predatory loans)
  • Reliable, and vetted cars (no lemons 🍋)
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Financing for all credit types


No credit or shallow credit?

Whether you're a student, first time car buyer, or an immigrant we want to help you finance your american dream.


< 700 credit score?

You can kiss predatory rates that turn the American dream into a nightmare. Credit is only half the story, if you have healthy financial habits we'll get you a set of reliable wheels.


Unbeatable APRs

Our risk assessment works, so our lenders love us. As a result, we get to pass on low APRs if you connect your accounts and finance through Buyable.
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