We make it easier to lend to First-Time car buyers.

More Revenue, Less Risk
Auto Loans.

Buyable leverages a massive-set of real time alternative data insights to create profitable auto loans.

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Data Through A Different Lens.

We have a unique approach to how we anaylze, optimize and leverage data points that travels far beyond the ordinary scope.


KYC Screening

We go beyond credit score to get a holistic view of each borrower's debts and liabilities..

Cashflow Analysis

Our 7 step cashflow process ensures you only lend to borrower's that can afford the loan.

Vehicle Appraisal

We evaluate each vehicles reliability and LTV so you don't make loans on vehicle that don't make collateral sense.

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Next Gen Ai

 Machine Learning Powered. Screenshot


We examine data that drives a borrower's willingness and ability to pay. Buyable is built on over 100M data points of exceptional loan performance and creates parameters so every lead performs like super-prime regardless of their credit score or maturity.

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DMS Compatible

The fundamental and automated parts of your loan origination process won't require any changes for you or the dealers you work with

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Machine Learning

We use alternative data points from customer transactions that gives you a broader scope on borrower reliablility..

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Simple LOS intergration

Our software can integrate with the most commonly used LOS systems within 48 hours.

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Join us on our journey, improving the way lenders and borrowers shake hands.